CRB Cunninghams are delighted to announce that we have reached the milestone of 1,500 followers on LinkedIn!

Since we first joined the platform three years ago, we have been using it to share the latest industry news and keep our followers up to date with our new product innovations and releases. LinkedIn has also been our go-to tool to introduce the world to the new members of the CRB Cunninghams family through our ‘Meet the Team’ series and even injected a little cuteness into our follower’s timelines with ‘EmPAWyee of the Month!’


We want to take this opportunity to thank anyone who has followed our LinkedIn account so far or supported us through liking, commenting on, or sharing our content. We can’t wait to continue growing our online presence and reach more industry professionals than ever before in the coming years.

Why should I use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the largest global professional online network used to build new industry connections, search for job prospects, or learn key insights from your favourite businesses across the globe.

With an estimated audience of over 774 million members on the platform, LinkedIn has proven its worth to thousands of employers and job seekers in recent years who have secured new positions through LinkedIn job ads and referrals.

Companies can expand their talent pool by up to 10x by recruiting through their employee’s connections. Over 75% of people who have recently changed their job position have used LinkedIn to inform their final decision  - highlighting just how powerful the platform can be.




Not only is it a brilliant tool for finding new opportunities, but LinkedIn is also a great place to share insider knowledge, personal stories, and resources with other people in the industry. For example, on the CRB Cunninghams LinkedIn page, we have recently published free-to-access research into how schools can compete with out-of-the-gate spending at lunchtimes and shared multiple polls to learn what our followers think.

These include our 'do you think that face masks should remain mandatory in schools?' and our 'do you think implementing facial recognition technology into schools will improve the accessibility, efficiency, and safety of student payments?' polls. From these, we have been able to see a wide range of responses and viewpoints from our followers to help inform our future activity and ensure that everyone has a voice. 

Whether you want to get involved with industry awareness days, have your say in our polls, or keep up to date with our exciting developments, follow our LinkedIn page to get started. Thank you for your continued support.