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Brand new to UK schools! Watch our webinar recording introducing Facial Recognition to school mealtimes.

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One Solution. One Database.
Multiple Applications.


Oversee the management of your school in the most effective and efficient way. Say goodbye to out-of-sync databases with iDStore, the heart of all your applications providing live data automatically populated from your MIS system.

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Improve Pupil Attendance & Engagement
Start tracking student attendance in the most efficient way with iDReg 
Improve Staff Efficiencies
Automated Innovative Processes
Easy Biometric Recognition

iDStore integrates with your MIS system to provide a single identity management platform, powering the tasks commonly performed in schools (such as registration, access control and library management).

Real-time Database Sync
iDStore can be configured for real-time updates from your MIS system, so that no matter what the update might be, it can be made available immediately.
Save Valuable Time
Whether you're in the kitchen, library or main office, iDStore saves hours of time previously spent manually updating separate databases.
Secure User Accounts
iDStore works with multiple forms of user recognition. No matter what your preferences are, or what applications you want to integrate, iDStore has an option to suit everyone.
Your Choice Of Recognition Methods
Specialist biometric recognition identifies students quickly
PIN Code
Pin website
Individual PIN Codes provide additional account security and can be used if students forget their cards
Smart Card
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Smart cards easily identify the student and can be used for access control to specific school areas or ID badges