Food-to-go for the student on-the-go

Pupils and parents can choose their preferred meal option, meaning not only reduced food wastage but better food education of healthy food options, increased parental engagement and reduced queuing times in the dining hall.

Reduce lunchtime queues and compete with out-of-the-gate lunchtime options.


Encourage students back into the school dining hall

Compete with food delivery apps and local takeaways

Over 95% of students have access to a smartphone or mobile. Utilise today's technology to engage with your students and increase school meal uptake.

Our Fusion Online app allows notifications on the home screen to promote special offers and events such as theme days or other information directly through the app.

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Contactless balance checker for students

Students can check their live cashless catering balance straight from the app, anytime, anywhere.

The Fusion Online app allows students to select their choices from a set menu, view prices and check their LIVE cashless balance by connecting with your existing CRB Cunninghams cashless catering solution.

There is a range of fully configurable options, including meal choices, times and collection points for the caterer.

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Reduce food wastage

Encourage healthy meal choices

Pre-ordered school meals mean caterers know exactly what nutritious meals need to be prepared, eliminating the need for over-catering and ensuring children receive the food they want, ultimately cutting down on food wastage.


Benefits of Fusion Online


Lunchtime clubs
Students attending lunchtime clubs can instantly pick up their food and beat dining hall queues 


Reduced food waste
Kitchen staff know what to prepare ahead of time, improving efficiencies and reducing food wastage


Improved stock ordering
Knowing what lunches to prepare in advance means that kitchen staff can accurately order stock

Schools are currently losing an average of £0.22 pence per meal in avoidable food waste

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