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Speed of service and social distancing delivered.


Increase efficiencies, ensure social distancing and remove contact from the school dining hall with a Grab & Go contactless solution.

Safeguard Your Students, Staff, Facilities and Assets

The smart security solution for your school, designed to make the management of any school building simple and easy to manage.
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The Smart Security Solution For Your School 

Using the same user recognition methods (smart card, PIN or fingerprint recognition) across your education software brings a streamlined approach to your school processes. Controlling access to certain areas by recognising users improves school security, as access is only granted to authorised persons. The introduction of this software also removes the need and risk associated with carrying keys and fobs.

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Simple to Use & Easy to Manage

Using pre-determined rules, schools can grant specific permissions to different users. Therefore, securely allowing users to automatically access rooms and assets without having to queue or request access from a member of staff.

Benefits of Access Control
Streamlined school processes and automatic access for authorised persons
Secure access for permitted users
The Average Secondary School has over 6 User Types, with Different Access Permissions
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