Pupils can reset their own passwords

Allow pupils to automatically re-set their passwords without IT administrators or staff assistance, freeing up your IT team to focus on more significant tasks.


Future-proof your school's online security

Ensure the security of individual user accounts

Placed near computers or outside the IT department, pupils can automatically re-set their own IT passwords through the CRB Cunninghams iDReader. With our secure authentication software, Password Management allows the re-set without the need for communication or passwords to be written down.

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Pupils can use any iDReader to reset their password without reporting a forgotten password or waiting for a response from an IT team member, making it easy for students to be responsible for their accounts whilst using a familiar method and system.


Flexible & recognisable software

Seamless connection across your school
Our iDReader is our multi-use authentication device for use with various CRB Cunninghams software for all areas of your school. All staff and pupils only need to be registered once for access via PIN or fingerprint recognition for multiple activities, including; print & copy, cashless catering, attendance, library management, resetting passwords and access control.
Benefits of Password Management
Automate manual tasks and give valuable time back to your IT team, running busy networks and maintaining essential systems
Implement a secure password policy for your school network
Over 65% Of Pupils Forget Their IT Password More Than Once
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