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Brand new to UK schools! Watch our webinar recording introducing Facial Recognition to school mealtimes.

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Completely Integrated Cashless Solution
Our self-scan kiosks recognise pupils through their chosen recognition method and their cashless catering account is automatically debited the transaction amount.
Maximise Staff Efficiencies

Self-serve technology speeds up the queuing process and reduces the dependence on staff employed to operate checkouts, e.g. only 1 member of staff is required to monitor three serving points, as opposed to three separate till operators. With lunchtimes now 30-40 minutes, catering staff are under even more pressure to serve students a healthy meal in record quick time. Make your service faster and more efficient with the introduction of the self-scan kiosk.

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Cashless Catering

Caterers can provide their own pre-packaged 'Grab-and-Go' food offering facilitated by self-scan kiosks. Barcoded labels, printed directly from your cashless catering system, can be added to your food and drinks offering. The kiosks will recognise the pupil via Smart card, Pin or fingerprint recognition and charge their cashless catering account appropriately

Benefits of Self Scan Kiosks
Reduction in food wastage and improved stock and production controls
Pre-ordered meals result in an improved catering service
Food delivery is faster, reducing queues and dining hall traffic
Over 73% of students would prefer to use self-serve technology
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