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iPayimpact For Online Payments
The online payments system allows your
schools to become fully cashless.
Eradicate the need for loose change by giving users the ability to view, top-up and access
accounts, wherever they are.
All they need is an internet connected device.
Identity Management
Accurate & Instant Reporting
The reporting system can be accessed locally or centrally for MAT's, giving ultimate
flexibility and control over pupil data.
Every transaction performed is tracked and
logged, ready to be automated or exported
Cashless Catering
A Fully Cashless Catering Solution
Using a contactless card or biometric
reader, each pupil is assigned an
individual account. Teachers and catering staffcan access this account, submit the items
bought and deduct the price from the
What is Fusion?
Fusion integrates online payments, cashless catering and reporting into one easy to use software solution. Our in-house online payment software (iPayImpact) is at the heart of Fusion, keeping cashless catering and supported online payments all under one roof.


  • Simple drag and drop reporting
  • A single solution for online payments
  • Completely cashless school environment
  • Reduces hours of admin and data collation time
  • Flexible filter searches for individuals
  • Users identified via smart cart, biometric or PIN
  • Central and local management
  • Real-time updates from MIS
  • Spend limits and overdraft functions

Fusion offers users an easy to use system with enhanced functionality and an elegant interface. Our latest solution allows schools to completely remove cash from their
schools and it has never been easier.