A fully cashless solution

Fusion combines cashless catering and an online payment system into one solution, meaning it has never been easier for your school to go 100% cashless.

Fusion is built on an SQL data server which offers complete flexibility to schools. Customised menus, updates in real-time and smart reporting provides ultimate control over pupil data whilst ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.

Mobile Phone Fusion App

Pre-ordering app

Fusion Online

Reduce food wastage and accurately order stock

Compete with out-of-the-gate spending and encourage your students back into the dining hall during lunch by engaging with them in a familiar medium. Mobile phones are never out of pupils' hands!

With our pre-order app, pupils and parents can choose their preferred meal options straight from their smartphone or school browser. Fusion Online enables schools to reduce food wastage and minimise lunchtime queues whilst offering better food education and increasing parental engagement.

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Canteen Till

Safeguard your students at lunchtime

Allergy notifications

Fusion allows pupils, parents or guardians to upload any allergy and dietary requirements to their individual accounts.

Pupils are identified at the point of sale via a smart card, biometric or PIN, which prompts vital Alerts! onscreen to the catering staff, displaying life-saving information when needed most.