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Speed of service and social distancing delivered.


Increase efficiencies, ensure social distancing and remove contact from the school dining hall with a Grab & Go contactless solution.

Completely Integrated Cashless Solution
Our Vending Interface links our cashless catering software to 3rd party vending solutions, encouraging additional sales to the school.
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School Vending Machines

Our vending interface encourages additional sales by providing another serving point. Vending machines help reduce the pressure of the lunch queue and can be accessed at any time, which is particularly helpful for students during snack intervals or times when the canteen is closed.

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User Recognition

Students are recognised at the vending machine by either Smartcard, PIN or fingerprint recognition. Payment is taken directly from their cashless catering balance and their purchase tracked from within that same account.

Benefits of Vending Interface
Integrates with our cashless catering solution
Pupils can see purchases made through the vending machine in their cashless catering account
Encourage additional sales by adding automated point of sale that can be placed in and around the school canteen
Ask us about our data protection processes between integrated products
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