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Brand new to UK schools! Watch our webinar recording introducing Facial Recognition to school mealtimes.

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Catering to Schools

Our cashless catering system is flexible and works around each school's individual requirements. From pupil identification methods to online payments we have everything that you need covered. Our 55 year's of experience provides excellent design, consultation, installation, training and support: everything schools need to get started.


Students can pre-order school lunches on-the-go with Fusion Online

Benefits Of Cashless Catering
Save valuable administration time
Gain back your school's administration hours. From cashing cheques to manually allocating payments, our cashless catering system streamlines the lunchtime chaos to one quick and easy transaction.
Remove the free school meals stigma
Each pupil's account is entirely confidential and all pupils use the same payment method during meal times at the till.
Reduces cash in school
Cash in schools can be a problem regardless of the quantity. A cashless system allows staff to monitor payments and view historic purchases, reducing the amount of lost change and outside-the-gate spending on unhealthy foods.
Quick and efficient lunch service
The lunchtime rush can be stressful, with only 30-60 minutes to feed hundreds of hungry pupils. Cashless catering speeds up the lunchtime queues by using quicker identification methods and pre-collecting payments.
How Cashless Catering Works
Parents Add Payments
Parents can use online payments to top up their child's account or if preferred, via revaluation units within the school
Pupil ID Scanning
Pupils can go to any till point to choose lunch and pay. Another option is to order lunch at a Pre-order Kiosk, by using biometric recognition to access their account
Lunch Collected
Once the transaction has been authorised, the pupils' account is instantly debited and lunch can be collected
Generating daily, weekly or monthly reports is easy. Schools have access to reports on meals consumed, overdue accounts and food wastage
Alerts to Parent/Guardian
Schools can issue e-mail alerts to parents & guardians to alert of low or overdue balances