Food on the go for students on the go

Working closely with schools, we have introduced pre-order technology, supporting your 'grab-and-go' lunch service. The challenge to ensure pupils remain in school during lunchtime to eat a healthy meal is paramount. To encourage secondary school pupils to choose a healthy school meal rather than opting for local shops, we introduced the ability to pre-order a meal via kiosks within the school, then 'grab-and-go'. This pre-order functionality also benefits those pupils attending clubs & activities with limited time during lunchtime.



The pre-order kiosk removes the need for a member of the catering team to monitor the point of sale whilst allowing students to order school meals via a simple user interface and check their live cashless balance on screen before placing their order.

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pre-order kiosk

Stay ahead of the queue

Efficient food delivery

Lunchtimes in schools are becoming shorter and the drive to serve as many customers as possible in a short space of time is paramount. To facilitate this, we've introduced touchscreen kiosks placed throughout the school with meal collection points, both inside the building and in strategic locations in the playground.


Improved stock production & ordering

Order stock based on facts, not estimations

Caterers can configure minimum and maximum items that students can choose from, along with a stock level that shows when a particular meal option is no longer available.

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Transforming the dining experience and

increasing sales

One of our customers in Scunthorpe has switched to a complete pre-ordering solution with some fantastic results:


Introduced 6 Pre-order kiosks to reduce pressure points in the dining hall


Queue times are 3x quicker!
Queues were reduced from 45 minutes to 15 minutes, serving 400 pupils per sitting


Student-manned 'pick up' stands in the lunch hall 
encourages increased student responsibility


School sales tripled
Lunchtime sales tripled from £85,000 to £250,000

Linlithgow Academy has seen a 250% increase in pre-ordered meals since using our pre-order kiosks

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