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Pre-order. Online payments. Contactless cards.

Fusion Mobile

Reduced contact

Fusion Online Pre-Order App

Our Pre-order app, Fusion Online, removes transactions from the dining hall to offer a truly contactless identification method. Secondary school pupils can order their favourite lunches straight from their mobile device to pick up from a designated collection point at lunchtime. 

Schools can assign multiple collection points in the school dining hall to help control traffic flow and increase turnover.  Fusion Online sends pre-ordered meal choices to the kitchen ahead of time, which means that catering staff can prepare meals in advance for pupils to collect at lunchtime, offering schools an increased speed of service and a reduction in food wastage. 


OnlineiPayimpact online payments

iPayimpact seamlessly connects to your school's cashless system, which means that parents can top-up their child's account online, and pupils can see their live cashless balance via our pre-ordering app. When pupils pre-order their lunch selection via Fusion Online, their cashless balance is adjusted accordingly, meaning their lunch is already ordered and paid for ahead of lunchtime. The combination of iPay and Fusion Online means that schools can completely remove physical transactions from the dining hall.

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Reduce contact

Reduce contact

The pre-order app allows pupils to order their food in advance, ready to collect at lunchtime, minimising physical contact and enabling pupils to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Productivity schools

Increase efficiencies

When pupils pre-order their meals, catering staff can prepare food in advance, ready for pupils to collect at lunchtime, which increases the speed of service and reduces food wastage.  

Remove cash from schools

Remove cash

An online payment system such as iPayimpact, enables parents to top up their child's account online, whilst staff can monitor payments and view previous purchases, reducing physical cash handling.

Save time

Save time

The combined offering of the Fusion Online pre-order app, iPayimpact online payments and contactless cards speeds up lunchtime queues and offers staff and pupils a truly contactless Grab & Go lunch experience.

How Grab & Go works

Top up online account
Parents can top up their child's account online with iPayimpact, which seamlessly connects to your cashless system and automatically adjusts the cashless balance.
Pre-order lunch
Fusion mobile 2
Pupils pre-order their lunches from the Fusion Online app on their mobile devices or school browser, which sends the order to the kitchen ahead of time. 
Collect lunch
Lunch collection
Once the transaction has been authorised, the pupils' account is instantly debited, and lunch can be be collected from their designated collection point in the dining hall.
Contactless transaction
Contactless cards
After pre-ordering their lunches via the Fusion Online app, pupils can collect their lunch with their contactless cards or chosen cashless method.
View reports
Schools can create daily, weekly or monthly reports on meals consumed, overdue accounts and food wastage to generate daily, weekly or monthly reports.