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Brand new to UK schools! Watch our webinar recording introducing Facial Recognition to school mealtimes.

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Efficient Library Management

Pupils can easily loan and return books with a swipe of a card, finger or PIN, all visible and trackable by staff. Save library staff valuable resource searching multiple databases for books, allowing more time to encourage students to read and develop a keen interest in further learning that will set them in good stead throughout their time in education.

School Community

iDStore integrates with all major 3rd party Library Management systems, which allows library staff to easily track which pupils have borrowed which books from within our Identity Management platform.

Pupils can check-out their own books, assigned to their user account when recognised via our iDReader. Biometric recognition makes the check-out process more efficient, especially during busy times.

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Bring Your School Together
Seamless communication across all departments

Our iDReader is our multi-use authentication device for use with various CRB Cunninghams software for all areas of your school. Meaning that all staff and pupils only need to be registered once for access via PIN or fingerprint recognition for a range of activities including; print & copy, cashless catering, attendance, library management, resetting passwords and access control.

Benefits of Library Management
Encourage more students to borrow books library staff and class teachers spend less time tracking books, giving more time to encourage further reading
Pupils borrow books through a method that is recognisable, the same method that they order their lunch or register their attendance
Library Management is connected to iDStore, your schools one central database
The Average Secondary School In The UK Has Around 8,000 Books 
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