Print management software for staff and pupils

Secure potentially sensitive information whilst reducing costs and paper waste. Print & Copy enables staff and pupils to print and retrieve documents upon verification at the printer; either by entering their PIN or fingerprint recognition.


Secure access to sensitive documents

Documents are only printed for the person they are intended

Our iDReaders placed at the printer recognise users by their PIN or fingerprint. Releasing documents on user verification, Print & Copy ensures that the correct person receives potentially sensitive information is released to the right person.

Schools can also set user restrictions, including which printers users can use, the maximum number of prints and content audit control.

ID Reader
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Automatically audit what is printed & where

With Print & Copy, students don't have to ask for printing permission, saving time by automating recurring mundane tasks, freeing up time for staff.

Did you know that 1,000,000 sheets of paper are used per school each year? Track printed documents to maximise your budget and focus on what matters most - education.


Recognisable software

Seamless connection across your school

Give students access to various software across the school with familiar recognition methods. Our iDReader is our multi-use authentication device for use with CRB Cunningham's software for all areas of your school. Meaning that all staff and pupils only need to be registered once for access via PIN or fingerprint recognition for multiple activities, including; print & copy, cashless catering, attendance, library management, re-setting passwords and access control.

Benefits of Print & Copy

The average school spends £60,000 on photocopying each year. Control your spending with Print & Copy


Our iDReader is a flexible user recognition device that can be placed strategically around the school

1,000,000 Sheets Of Paper Are Used Per School Each Year
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