Trusted cashless payments

iPayimpact offers a simple and secure way for parents and guardians to pay for all school purchases in one place, including school dinners, trips, events, tickets and the school shop.

iPayimpact offers peace of mind to school staff, parents, and pupils by removing the need for pupils to bring cash and cheques into school, whether for meals, trips, clubs or otherwise.  

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Reduce school debt

iPayimpact offers parents and guardians a transparent view of all school payments via their online payment account. The real-time view shows parents their complete transaction history and live cashless balance, eliminating any confusion regarding payments.

Email alerts and notifications inform parents that their balance is low, informing them of any recurring payments due. These alerts allow parents to update their accounts and ultimately saves schools valuable time chasing overdue payments or debts.

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All payments are protected under the FCA

with Vesta Merchant Services

At CRB Cunninghams, security is our top priority. As part of our commitment to online security and compliance, we have opted to use Vesta Merchant Services to offer the highest level of protection with online payments made through iPayimpact. Ultimately, this means that iPayimpact users benefit from knowing that all payments made through the platform are covered under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This coverage provides the highest level of security for schools and a level of protection with online payments rarely offered by school online payment providers.

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