Students can pre-order school lunches on-the-go with Fusion Online

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Software for Life

Our 'Software for Life' policy means that we NEVER charge clients for licence upgrades because we want you as a partner for life.

As with any good investment, your software should continue to grow, meeting the ever-changing needs of your school. It should remain dynamic and protected against time. Our Software for Life Policy is our commitment to investing heavily in our offerings to ensure you and your school always have the products and services needed.
With Software for Life, our goal is to ensure our clients can rest at night knowing that the software aspects of their schools are 100% covered forever.

Why schools are going cashless

There are many issues with pupils bringing cash and cheques into school to pay for meals, trips and clubs. Pupils taking cash into school may choose to spend their dinner money outside of school grounds, potentially on junk food. In other cases, carrying cash can act as a trigger for bullying or can simply be misplaced. Due to challenges, a growing number of schools are choosing to go cashless to help alleviate some of the problems related to cash in schools.

Schools and caterers are reaping significant benefits from switching to cashless operations, including reduced administration time and direct cost savings.

Parents also benefit from the ease of cashless catering, knowing they can top up their child's account online, remove the worry about bringing cash into school and even see what their child has eaten each day.