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We’re pleased to announce that we have launched Chip & Pin, the latest addition to our Fusion cashless catering system. Chip & Pin enables schools to facilitate quick and easy transactions at the point of sale whilst allowing pupils, staff, parents, and visitors to pay for transactions using their credit/debit card, Google/Apple payment device, or contactless card. 

Fully integrated cashless payments 

Chip & Pin is fully integrated with Fusion Cashless, combining cashless catering and online payments into one solution. Incorporating Chip & Pin into the cashless system will enable schools to benefit from a fully integrated cashless solution from one provider, speeding up transactions at the point of sale. 

Chip & Pin enables all school users to use chosen payment method at the point of sale. The system supports payments for various formats, including contactless cards, debit/credit cards, and Google and Apple pay. Providing this quick and easy payment solution in all areas of the school helps increase uptake by offering flexibility with all major forms of payment accepted.  

Pre-registration is not required, enabling all users, including visitors, to benefit from Chip & Pin transactions in schools. Users simply present their card or Google/Apple pay device on the card reader, and the payment is taken in seconds. 

Watch the video below to learn more about how Chip & Pin works for school transactions. 

Improving the speed of service in schools 

Many schools are currently facing numerous issues with their speed of service, including slow transactions and manual end-of-day processes. These issues negatively impact the overall efficiency and cause numerous issues for staff. 

As a result, schools can experience longer canteen queues and lengthy end-of-day processes. By offering integrated Chip & Pin transactions, schools can eliminate manual end-of-day processes for staff, with all payment information automatically consolidated in the cashless system. What’s more, at the point of sale, payments are automatically shown on the PED, eliminating manual input from staff and reducing the risk of human error.Chip

Implementation and Smart reporting 

Break/lunchtimes are examples of how schools can utilise Chip & Pin. The technology can also be implemented in libraries, classrooms, or anywhere transactions are regularly made. Integrated within the Fusion cashless system, this all-in-one solution helps reduce end-of-day processes (such as manually counting transactions made during the day) by automatically generating insightful daily Smart reports, helping to save staff valuable time and improving how schools process data.

Do you want to learn more about how your school can utilise Chip & Pin transactions? 

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