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Truly Contactless Solution

CRB Cunninghams are delighted to introduce brand new and innovative Facial Recognition technology to UK schools. The next step in cashless catering, Facial Recognition offers pupils the ability to collect and pay for school lunches without the need for physical contact, providing a fully contactless point of sale (PoS).


About Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is a quick, simple identification method that allows pupils to select their meal, look at the camera and go whilst eliminating any contact from the PoS. This intuitive technology enables the PoS operators to quickly identify the pupil’s cashless account whilst payments are instantly adjusted in the same way as all other identification methods in CRB Cunninghams’ Fusion software.


Key benefits of Facial Recognition to schools:

  • Facial Recognition is fast! In addition to offering a truly contactless solution, one of the main benefits to UK schools is an increased speed of service, with the average serve time currently at 5 seconds per pupil! This truly contactless identification method allows catering teams to safely increase the speed of service by simplifying the payment process for students who no longer need to carry any form of identification such as a card or even enter a PIN.

66It's just fast! Better than fingerprints

- School Business Manager, Kingsmeadow School


  • Facial Recognition is a biometric method. Facial Recognition works similarly to fingerprint biometrics. But instead of matching a fingerprint template to a pupil account, the software matches a Face Template to the pupil's image saved in your MIS system. The pupil's cashless account is then adjusted accordingly.

  • Enhanced biometric security. Facial Recognition retains the security of fingerprint biometrics without the need to touch the scanner. Facial recognition data is encrypted using AES 256 to offer schools the highest level of security and compliance.



Fusion: The Future of Cashless!

Cashless catering solution, Fusion, combines the best of cashless and online payments in one integrated solution. Now, Facial Recognition joins fingerprint biometrics, contactless cards, PINs, and QR scanners to offer a flexible range of identification methods.


When we developed Facial Recognition, we focused on creating a straightforward contactless solution for all pupils and providing a long-term safe and secure transaction method post-COVID-19. 

There has been a huge shift in the way schools operate over the past year, especially regarding how pupils order and pay for their lunches. We built Facial Recognition to help schools adapt to these changes and offer a unique and effective enhancement to their lunch service.

- Carl Lewis, Release Manager at CRB Cunninghams


Contactless society: The demand for contactless solutions

Schools have always benefited from the latest technologies, often influenced by popular high street spending methods such as JustEat-style pre-ordering and online banking. The pandemic has accelerated the use of contactless technologies. After the highly successful release of our pre-order app in 2020, Fusion Online, we are delighted to introduce this next step in contactless cashless catering for our clients.


Our mission at CRB Cunninghams is to help schools benefit from the latest technology. This release of Facial Recognition will help our clients future-proof their cashless solutions and ensure that school meals remain competitive with out of the gate options. Facial Recognition is the latest solution to shape the landscape of cashless catering for UK schools and one that we are delighted to offer our clients.

- David Swanston, Managing Director at CRB Cunninghams


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