We are proud to report that our Identity Management platform, iDStore, has received official recognition of our software integration with Paxton's Access Control solution, Net2.

iDStore allows any Net2 system to automatically obtain user data and security group policies from any school MIS. Therefore, this eliminates the need to update the Net2 system and negates data input replication manually.

iDStore is installed in hundreds of schools across the UK and provides a central database for student and staff identity management for various solutions in the school environment.

Multiple identity recognition methods are supported, such as PIN, Mifare, Paxton Proximity and biometrics via ievo biometric readers, allowing school administrators to manage various identification methods from one system.

iDStore contains the data population of Net2 Access Control, in addition to other systems installed in schools, such as:

CRB Cunninghams are a registered Paxton installer; don't hesitate to contact us on 0333 014 3065 for further information.