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Make pre-ordering school meals fun

Encourage pupils to make healthy choices by offering an interactive meal ordering experience. With assistance from the teacher, primary school pupils can pre-order school meals from the smartboard in the classroom, which sends lunch orders to kitchen staff ahead of time and enables school caterers to reduce food wastage and associated costs.


Encourage healthy eating

Incorporate healthy eating into the classroom with our Smart Board solution. Teachers can encourage healthy meal choices when students choose their lunchtime meals. As children learn where their food comes from and the importance of a healthy diet, setting this real-life example from a young age will introduce healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

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Your primary cashless solution

The pre-ordering solution for primary schools

As an extension of our cashless catering software, our Smart Board solution combines cashless and pre-ordering into one integrated solution.

Pupils love selecting their meals on the Smart Board, which helps to facilitate learning around healthy eating. Perfect for primary schools, our Smart Board solution also integrates with our electronic registration software, which allows class teachers to register attendance and pre-order meals from one solution.

The benefits of pre-ordering


Encourages healthy eating and provides an opportunity to teach children about healthy food and diet


Parental engagement
Parents can see what their children have picked for their meal choices


Improved stock ordering
Knowing what food to prepare in advance helps kitchen staff efficiently plan and prepare meals

Did you know that 75% of school children prefer to pre-order their meals?
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