As we approach the new academic year, many schools are starting their new term with our time-saving identity management technology. From the classroom to the library, our software is not restricted to the dining hall and schools are benefiting from these new technological solutions.

What Does Identity Management Software Do?
iDStore, our core identity management software is an efficient way of maintaining a single database. All the information required to keep a school running smoothly is automated and managed in a streamlined way.

Identity management software allows schools to store, view and update pupil information within the MIS. Our software is fully GDPR compliant and allows schools to rest assured that the data is safe and secure. No information is stored by CRB Cunninghams, instead it is stored locally on the school's servers and we must be granted access in order to view the contents. Biometric data is also encrypted completely for additional security. The information stored cannot recreate a fingerprint, instead it creates a unique pattern relevant to the fingerprint which is then used for identification.

Harnessing the power of technology creates time efficiencies: allowing school staff to spend more time on other tasks.

Direct MIS Integration
The platform integrates directly into the MIS system, eradicating the need to perform multiple updates to different databases. This seamless connection reduces manual interference and the occurrence of human error. The software integrates with many popular MIS systems and allows various informational fields to relay information back and forth.

Types Of Identity Management Software

  • Electronic RegistrationiDReg records pupil and staff attendance and time keeping. The classroom-based registration process can be reduced dramatically.
  • Access ControlTeachers and pupils can receive access to school areas autonomously. Biometric access control systems are the next generation of access control, using fingerprints as identification to grant access. Designed to make the management of any building incredibly simple,schools can monitor and restrict access to users throughout the school premises without having staff positioned at entrances.
  • Visitor Management - Our Visitor Management software is suitable for both primary and secondary schools, and even has 6th form tracking and registration facilities. Our intelligent software takes photographs, prints passes, vehicle information plus much more.
  • Library ManagementOur Identity Management platform can link directly with your school's library software. Information updated within the library software will be automatically stored back into the MIS  ensuring pupil data is up to date.  
  • Password ManagementOne of the simplest tasks within a school: forgotten password requests consume IT staff's time in the working day. The biometric password manager allows pupils to change, reset or view their network passwords through an interactive screen saving time for administrative staff.


Find Out More
For schools looking to automate their identity management solutions, get in touch today. Call 0333 014 3065 or email to book a free demonstration. CRB Cunninghams are leading providers of cashless catering, identity management and online payments solutions, with over 40 years experience. We supply over 3,000 schools across the UK with educational software.