Bringing cashless catering to life at BETT 2019

You may have seen #LunchAndLearn trending on our social media pages, and for those unable to attend BETT 2019, we can now reveal all. 

We were delighted by how many of you came to see us, and we're so pleased with the volume of interest our cashless catering demonstration brought to the stand. 

"It was an amazing day, and the stand looked incredible. I can't believe how much time and effort went into such a clever and fun way to demonstrate just how worthwhile their cashless catering system is! Thank you to CRB Cunninghams" - Headteacher, Secondary School, London.

This year, we showed you how our cashless catering software works and how it looks by starting with Fusion Online, our new pre-order app. The pre-ordering software has been explicitly designed for pupils to pre-order their lunch ahead of time to avoid unnecessary queuing and for parents to top up their accounts using iPayimpact. The exclusive new release was available for visitors to demo whilst enjoying their complimentary lunch.

Visitors received the exact lunch card used in most of our schools to enable them to claim their free lunch. Then by selecting their lunch on the till visitors could pay using the pre-paid lunch card. Once visitors scanned their cards, they saw their account in real-time and watched the balance reduce when they confirmed their lunch items, showing how easy it is to use our cashless catering solutions!


There were two ID Fingerprint Scanners for our visitors to demo, located near the bar area, showcasing how schools use biometric readings and highlighting how beneficial they are regarding account security. Find out more about biometric recognition software for your school.

In addition to the pre-ordering app, we had our pre-ordering kiosk on the stand to demo. The kiosks allowed our guests to see how easy it is for pupils to use when pre-ordering their lunches, using their fingerprint, unique ID code or Myfair card.

We understand that school lunchtime can be chaotic, so demonstrating our solution to speeding up lunchtime queues and reducing food wastage was compelling.

"We are an existing customer of CRB Cunninghams, so it was great to meet the whole team. The free lunch was such a great idea. We enjoyed our lunch and had a go on the tablet using their new pre-order app; we can't wait to get our pupils using it." - Business Manager, Secondary School,  Surrey.

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