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Reducing administration time and increasing uptake with cashless catering

Founded in 1894, Campbell College is an independent school based in Belfast. Located on an impressive 100-acre estate, the school educates approximately 1200 boys aged 3 to 18 and attracts pupils from across the world with their international reputation. As a school with a variety of pupils of all ages and backgrounds, Campbell College required a suitable cashless catering and online payment system that suited and represented the different types of pupils at the school.

From cash to cashless

Before Campbell College moved to CRB Cunninghams’ software, their process relied heavily upon collecting cash, using an older catering system which operated via cash and cards. Staff would regularly be required to bank and record cash, while issuing and re-issuing lunch cards, taking up a great deal of time and resources, which is why it was important to move to a fully integrated solution.

“Before CRB Cunninghams, we were using an old system that was heavily based on cash and it was very important for us to find an integrated solution.” - Maura Canavan, Finance Manager at Campbell College.

The main challenge was to replace their existing system with a solution that provided the speed of service for catering staff and allowed other purchases such as items from the school shop to be managed through the cashless system, along with an interface to online payments.

Our solution

After discovering the extensive range and functionality CRB Cunningham’s solutions had to offer, Campbell College connected iDStore, the innovative data management platform to their Fusion cashless catering system for a truly integrated cashless solution.

Increasing and maximising profits

Through the ease of use with Fusion’s cashless catering system, Campbell College has been able to maximise their profits by increasing the number of pupils served during lunchtimes. With the ability for pupils to pre-order their meals, quicker and more efficient tills and less time having to be spent handling money, the school have been able to increase their profits and ensure that pupils have access to their favourite food during their lunch break.


“We have been able to maximise our profits each day and we have seen a rise in numbers we get through lunchtimes.” -  Andrew McNab, Business Manager at Sodexo, Campbell College’s catering provider.

Reduced food wastage

Having visibility over sale trends has also made a huge difference to the school’s profits and uptake. Fusion provides a central database with a wide range of reporting options, showing transaction histories and trends. This allows the staff at Campbell College to analyse which products have proved to be popular or unpopular and focus on providing the pupils with their favourite food and reduce food wastage. This type of reporting is available at the school or centrally from a council or head office.


“I find the financial reports really useful. I can check sales daily; I can identify if there are any issues (or if there’s not) very quickly. It lets me analyse if we’ve had a drop in sales in one area and then I can see why, and we can react quickly.” - Wayne Harper, Facilities Manager at Campbell College.

Seamless connection

Despite the vast 100 acre grounds of Campbell College, our tills are widely spread out but seamlessly connect to each other, providing a robust and reliable service to the staff and pupils. Not bound to the dining hall, our software is used across all aspects of the school, including on-the-go via the Fusion Online pre-order app, pre-order kiosks and more.

By reducing the amount of cash coming into the dining hall and the school shop, uptake has greatly increased in the canteen area, due to lunch service being faster and more efficient. By automating all administration and financial tasks, Campbell College’s catering team can focus on feeding pupils nutritious and delicious school meals.

“The uptake in online payments has been amazing, the parents have really taken it on board. They can go on and top up their son’s lunch account, they can see what their son has been eating and they get alerts when their balance is low.” -Maura Canavan.

Straightforward lunchtimes

Some of the key functions of Fusion that have been useful to Campbell College are the menus and product set ups, allowing catering staff to digitally adapt the menus day-by-day, set restrictions for when meals aren’t available, update allergen information and more. Combine this with biometric recognition, lunchtime at Campbell College is now straightforward, flexible and efficient.


One central database

As well as moving to a cashless catering system, the school decided to switch on iDStore to reduce administrative burdens and ensure that the data was maintained on one central database. iDStore synchronises multiple databases into one single location and communicates with all applications, removing the need for multiple updates and ensuring that all system data is up-to-date and correct. With a largely diverse school such as Campbell College, this has greatly reduced administration cost and time for various members of staff.

With the implementation of a straightforward cashless catering system and a single data management system, lunchtime at Campbell College is now straightforward and efficient, with the benefits extending to catering and business staff, as well as to the parents and pupils.

‘I would definitely recommend CRB Cunninghams to other schools and other organisations’ - Maura Canavan.