In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, cashless payment systems have become a crucial tool for schools and colleges. As institutions strive to adapt to the challenges posed by the post-pandemic world, cashless payments have emerged as a practical solution to minimise physical contact and enhance safety measures. Beyond their utility in mitigating health risks, cashless payment systems offer a host of other compelling advantages for educational institutions to explore and use to their advantage.

According to a study by Visa, “contactless payments have become a driving differentiator: nearly two-thirds (63%) of consumers would switch to a new business that installed contactless payment options”. This trend is mirrored in the education sector, where cashless catering systems have become an essential tool for schools and colleges, simplifying payment systems and reducing queues.

To keep up with this trend, CRB Cunninghams have introduced several innovations designed to improve the speed of service, enhance the user experience, and increase convenience and efficiency.

Integrated Chip & Pin

One of the latest innovations introduced to schools is integrated Chip & Pin payments, which allows debit/credit, Google and Apple Pay, and contactless payments at the point of sale. According to data from Barclays, 91% of all card transactions were contactless in 2022, making this an essential feature for modern schools and colleges.

Fully integrated into the Fusion Cashless system, Chip & Pin payments in schools eliminates time-consuming transactions and manual processes at the end of the day, keeping all school payments in one system. Offering Chip & Pin payments not only makes school transactions a breeze but also helps reduce queues during busy lunchtimes, improving the overall experience for students and staff.


Google & Apple Pay

In addition to Chip & Pin, CRB Cunninghams has integrated Google and Apple Pay with our online payment system, iPayimpact, enabling parents and guardians to top up their child’s school account without entering their card details, making online payments even more convenient. We are also excited to announce that the iPayimpact app is currently in development, making school purchases even more seamless and convenient for parents. Watch this space for news about the app!



Flexible pre-ordering with Fusion Online

Another innovative solution from CRB Cunninghams is our award-winning pre-order app, Fusion Online. With 1.8 million orders processed through the app in 2021, Fusion Online enables secondary school students to purchase school meals with just a few taps on their mobile phones. With real-time balances, transaction history, and the ability to pre-order their favourite school meals, Fusion Online allows schools to implement a convenient Grab & Go meal service, further reducing queues and wait times.



Stay updated with the latest cashless developments

At CRB Cunninghams, we are committed to adding new features and functionalities to our cashless system to help schools increase efficiencies. We invite you to download our product brochures for Chip & Pin and iPayimpact to learn more about our latest innovations and discover how our solutions can transform your school's cashless offering.

Download our Chip & Pin and iPayimpact product brochures below: