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Brand new to UK schools! Watch our webinar recording introducing Facial Recognition to school mealtimes.

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CRB Cunninghams have just completed another successful implementation at the Erne Integrated College in Northern Ireland. Running Fusion, the latest cashless catering and integrated online payments product, the installation was a success for everyone involved. The school also chose to use iDStore, the identity management software which linked directly to their MIS.

CRB Cunninghams are the only provider of both cashless catering and online payments. Joining the services to one provider saves schools unnecessary maintenance fees, and when requesting assistance, enquiries can be managed by one provider and resolved quicker.

The implementation, carried out by installation engineer Aaron Swanston consisted of two days, one for installation and the second for implementing biometric recognition methods. As with every installation, there were some unique challenges to overcome. Having a secure internet server gaining access proved difficult but was managed with prestige professionalism and understanding by all. CRB Cunninghams have completed over 2000 installs across the UK, each with individual requirements.

The school was very quick to adapt to the training provided and were described as open-minded to the brand-new software. Equally, on-site coordinators and users found the software easy to use.

The school are using 2 Sam4S touchscreens in the dining room and one revaluation unit. Installing a revaluation unit allows pupils to top up their account should their online account run low.

Overall, the college is one of many new schools in Northern Ireland using CRB Cunningham's software to streamline their daily processes, improve the dining room experience and managing school finances.

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