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With so many children to feed in schools, meal times is no easy task. When providing food and drink options, each child will have different preferences, diets and conditions. From allergies and intolerances to cultural or spiritual diets, ensuring children receive the right meals is key for education providers. Schools across the UK can have anything from hundreds to thousands of pupils- so how can catering staff use cashless catering to ensure that children are safe and protected at meal times?

In Britain, around one in five people has an allergy. Allergic reactions can have fatal consequences including anaphylaxis, rashes or breathing difficulties. Where children are involved, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Whilst older children are often aware of their own dietary limitations, mistakes can still happen. According to the Food Standards Agency, in the UK about ten people die every year from food-induced anaphylaxis.

Whilst this figure is alarming, research further discusses that young adults and teenagers are at particular risk of severe reactions. For education providers, this creates cause for concern.

Allergies are not the sole dietary consideration in schools. Children could have special diets for cultural, individual or religious reasons. These unique characteristics define the child’s identity and lifestyle. Ensuring that children receive meals representative of their identity is key when embracing and nurturing young adults.

CRB Cashless Catering solutions allow schools to efficiently safeguard children. The intelligent till systems show smart alerts which inform the operator of the necessary information.

The system gathers this information by directly linking with the MIS, giving schools a seamless communication stream between both information sources. Combining the systems together ensures that allergen or special diet data is surfaced if recorded on each child’s MIS account. By eradicating manual interference there is less room for human error.

For schools who have not yet taken full advantage of linking the systems directly together, mealtime operators are still able to upload individual pupil information, which can be stored within the till system.

By using cashless catering, regardless of the breakfast or lunchtime rush, staff can ensure that pupils are receiving food which is representative of their individual requirements - all managed seamlessly through our market-leading software.

To find out more call us on 0333 014 3065 or submit a contact form online. We have been providing educational software to schools for over 40 years working closely with local authorities and schools offering cashless catering, biometrics recognition, identity management software, online payments and much more.


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