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A virtual messaging tool that simplifies parental engagement

We are delighted to announce our brand-new virtual messaging tool for schools and parents: iPayimpact Communications. Our new virtual messaging tool, hosted within our iPayimpact online payment system, simplifies parent-school communications and offers parents and guardians a modern and convenient way to engage in school life.

The rise of virtual communications in schools

According to PHS Waste, UK schools use over 1 million sheets of paper and spend, on average, £60,000 per year on photocopying. With sustainability playing a crucial part in our lives, especially in schools where children learn about reducing their environmental impact from an early age, switching to paperless communications is becoming increasingly important.

Additionally, strict budgets put pressure on schools to cut back on costs where possible, and why it is essential to find a solution that offers timesaving and cost benefits without compromising on quality.

Introducing iPayimpact Communications

Many schools worldwide operate a system whereby staff communicate with parents and guardians manually, typically through email and phone calls. With our industry-leading online payment solution currently utilised by thousands of UK schools, we sought to develop a new module within the software to enable existing and new customers to benefit from a modern and convenient parent-school communication experience.




Built within CRB Cunningham’s iPayimpact online payment system, iPayimpact Communications focuses on usability and familiarity. The new module enables schools to keep parents in the loop with messages, notifications and reminders sent in just a few clicks, minimising the need to send paper-based communications and wait for lengthy responses.

With iPayimpact Communications, schools can:

  • Offer one shared inbox for the whole team
  • Send messages based on funds, groups, years and classes
  • Staff can send one-way messages or accept parent replies
  • Encourage parents to initiate conversations with the school

Online payments, cashless and communications

iPayimpact Communications is the first school messaging software to combine online payments, cashless software and virtual communications into one convenient solution. With over 1,000 UK schools utilising iPayimpact and over 1 million cashless payments made through the software per year, iPayimpact has enabled schools to switch to cashless operations and offer more modern and convenient payment transactions for parents and guardians.

With the addition of iPayimpact Communications, iPayimpact customers can utilise the new school messaging software within their existing online payment solution. Schools looking to update their online payment system can benefit from a fully integrated solution that offers online payments, cashless software and contactless communications in one FCA-regulated solution.



Increasing parental engagement

Since COVID-19, schools worldwide have begun to favour contactless solutions and school apps for parents and pupils, including pre-ordering meal solutions, which offer timesaving and safety benefits, amongst other advantages. As some schools may adapt and change certain operations to ensure pupils can catch up on lost learning and maximise efficiencies, regular and straightforward communications with parents and guardians is crucial.

Schools can contact parents on a mass or individual scale with a virtual communication tool, from trip updates to funding notifications and important reminders. What’s more, parent communication solutions like iPayimpact Communications eliminates the need for schools to search and locate parent contact details, with all the relevant information in one place.


IPayimpact Communications encourages responses in just a few clicks for parents and guardians, anytime and anywhere. With easily accessible information, schools can issue communications and prompt responses in just a few clicks, replacing the traditional letter, phone and email channels and enabling instant responses.

Want to find out more about iPayimpact Communications?

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