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At CRB Cunninghams, we are continuously renewing our products and services to ensure our schools and users get what they need from our cashless software. Investing in our contactless solutions throughout lockdown, we are delighted to relaunch our popular online payment platform, iPayimpact, with a brand-new design.

Let's take a look at the new face of school online payments!

The 5 S’s of online payments - Students, Schools, Simplicity, Security, and Savings

We’ve followed the five main intentions in a term we have coined the 5 S’s of online payments that put students, parents & guardians, and schools at the heart of iPayimpact's redesign. After listening to user feedback, we have ensured that iPayimpact boasts a simple, modern design with quick and easy navigation that works seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile.

As well as the highest level of security over online payments for both parents and schools, iPayimpact is a competitive package that challenges the school online payment market with its unique capability to generate significant savings for UK schools!

UntitlediPayimpact is the perfect solution for all stakeholders

Contrary to common misconceptions, iPayimpact is not just for school meal payments but can efficiently manage all school payments. Key features of iPayimpact include:

  • iPayimpact manages ALL school income, including school trips, clubs, events, tickets, school shop, and school meals
  • iPayimpact offers a simple pre-ordering solution for primary schools and pre-ordering for secondary schools through seamless integrations
  • Seamless integration with CRBC cashless systems means schools benefit from having one solution, one account manager and one provider
  • iPayimpact generates significant savings in support and elimination of 3rd party integration costs. Our unique package boasts no setup fee, no license fee, and, most importantly, no charge per pupil. 


Stuart Brown, Head of Sales at CRB Cunninghams, said:

"The redesign of our online payment platform, iPayimpact, set out to incorporate a seamless experience for all our users - making it enjoyable and easy for school leaders, staff and parents alike. We are delighted with the positive reviews of our modern and reactive platform!

In addition, the most crucial feature of iPayimpact continues to be the unique savings potential for UK schools. The average primary school in England has 281 students, and secondary school 986. iPayimpact boasts a no charge per pupil policy, instantly generating sizeable savings for schools. I would advise all schools to shop around before signing their current contract as you could be saving thousands with a simple switch to iPayimpact.”

- Stuart Brown, Head of Sales at CRB Cunninghams 


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