In today's digital age, the convenience of online payment systems has become increasingly valuable, especially in educational establishments. Primary schools face the challenge of managing various financial transactions, including school meal payments, events, trips, and wrap-around care services. Addressing these concerns, iPayimpact offers the ultimate solution for primary schools, an easy-to-use online payment system with a range of features to streamline operations, enhance parent engagement, and promote efficient cash management.

Streamlining cashless payments

iPayimpact empowers primary schools by simplifying all cashless payments. Parents can now conveniently view balances, top up accounts, and make payments anytime, anywhere, eliminating cash handling and saving valuable time and effort for parents and school staff. By supporting various payment methods such as card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Pay Point, iPayimpact ensures a seamless and inclusive transaction experience. Moreover, the platform gives parents access to transaction history, enabling them to keep track of their spending in real time.


Convenient parent pre-ordering

One of the standout features of iPayimpact is its innovative pre-order system for school meals. Parents can bid farewell to rushed mornings and last-minute lunch decisions. With iPayimpact, they can easily browse school menus anytime, anywhere, and pre-order meals in advance, ensuring their children receive their preferred meal choices, fostering healthier eating habits and reducing food wastage. This feature’s convenience and flexibility allow parents to easily plan and manage their children's meals.



Interactive smartboard pre-ordering

iPayimpact enhances how pupils interact with school meals through its interactive smartboard pre-ordering feature. With the guidance of their teachers, primary school students can select their desired meals ahead of time using the smartboard. These orders are then transmitted directly to the kitchen, promoting a more engaging dining experience while encouraging healthy eating habits and helping schools to reduce food wastage and associated costs.


Efficiency and cost savings

By implementing iPayimpact, primary schools can enhance their operational efficiency. The comprehensive range of features offered by iPayimpact consolidates multiple payment services into one integrated solution, eliminating the need for separate platforms. This consolidation streamlines administrative tasks, reduces costs associated with cash handling, and enhances overall financial management.

A streamlined approach to wrap-around care

iPayimpact is a game-changer for primary schools, providing a user-friendly online payment system, a pre-ordering platform for parents, and an interactive smartboard feature for students, streamlining the end-to-end process for primary schools. This all-in-one solution not only enhances convenience and efficiency but also promotes healthier eating habits and reduces food wastage.

To experience the power of iPayimpact, book a demo with a member of our team to see how the seamless payment system can benefit your school.