In our latest webinar, our Corporate Account Manager Gareth Hunter gave attendees an introduction to Fusion Online - our pre-order meal app within our cashless catering software Fusion used by schools, MATs, and local authorities to create a completely contactless lunchtime service within the school dining hall. The webinar session demonstrated and explored the key features of the software, as well as:

  • Contactless orders and the effect of COVID-19
  • The rise of pre-ordering in secondary schools
  • Benefits of new technologies in UK schools
  • How CRBC can provide a truly integrated solution

Attendees participated in a live Q&A at the end of the session to address their thoughts and ask any questions.


The rise of contactless software in schools

To begin the webinar, Gareth explained how the popularity of contactless technology increased exponentially over the past 18 months. Whilst before the pandemic, contactless technology was already increasing school meal uptake, the effects of COVID-19 have meant that more people than ever are choosing to use it to reduce touchpoints and slow the spread of the virus.

Nine out of every ten transactions are now contact-free. To keep up with the new demand, the FCA has increased the contactless spending limit from £45 to £100 to allow shoppers to spend more in a single transaction. This increase highlights a shifting tide in the public perception of these types of payments, where they are more trusted and secure than in previous years. 

But as Gareth explained in the webinar, contactless payments aren’t just for buying items in a store and can be used within schools and academies to order and pre-order meals. In a recent survey completed by CRB Cunninghams, over half of all respondents believed their school could benefit from a contactless pre-ordering solution like Fusion Online


Gareth then demonstrated the Fusion Online app and highlighted its benefits. He discussed that with a dedicated pre-order solution, schools could compete with out-of-the-gate spending options such as Deliveroo and UberEats whilst reducing food waste by allowing kitchen teams to know what quantities of food they need to prepare ahead of time.

Gareth also explained how Fusion Online seamlessly integrates with CRB Cunningham’s Fusion system to streamline school operations. Alongside other benefits, Fusion Online offers free school meal anonymity, reduced queue times in the dining hall, and the ability for the app to be accessed anytime, anywhere by pupils and staff.

Q&A session

At the end of the session, we hosted a Q&A, where users sent in their questions for Gareth. Some of the questions included:

Can schools use Fusion Online to send notifications of special offers to users?

A: “Yes, schools can use the notification banners within the app to perform this function, with an unlimited number of notifications they can use which can be changed in just a few seconds.”

Do pupils need internet connectivity to access the Fusion Online app?

A: “As long as you have some sort of internet connectivity such as wi-fi or mobile data, you will be able to access the Fusion Online app.”

Do pupils need a mobile phone to use Fusion Online?

A: “No, pupils who do not have smartphone or tablet technology can use the web portal to access Fusion Online.”

View a recording of the webinar here.

How do I sign-up for future webinars?

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