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February 2, 2015 - CRB Cunninghams, a nationwide provider of educations solutions, announced the debut of their new innovative, identity management platform, iDStore. A simple to use, multi-functional platform, iDStore can be used to achieve ID management for a single solution, or every solution that requires an identity input.

"iDStore raises the bar for both pupil management by members of staff and integration with our catalogue of products," said Alan Vigers, Sales Manager. "Schools can have the reassurance of knowing iDStore integrates seamlessly with leading MIS systems, whilst providing users with all the information they need securely at their fingertips."

iDStore sits at the heart of our solutions, providing an automated and efficient way of maintaining a single database for managing user-recognition for all applications commonly used in schools today. "Schools will save hours of manual work by utilising iDStore," said CRB Cunninghams Marketing Manager, Daniel Carter, "freeing them up for the more important tasks that occur in schools on a day-to-day basis. The schools who have converted to an iDStore managed solution have commented on an increase in productivity, whilst the reactive user-interface enabled them to manage the wealth of features and reports in double-quick time."

CRB Cunninghams, merged in late 2014, provide many products and services to the education sector. Their Education Solutions division is the only UK provider with their identity management, cashless catering and online payment solutions, whilst they also supply schools with access control, electronic registration, visitor management, locker management, smart card printing, and through 3rd party companies library management, print and copy control and much more. The identity management platform, iDStore, enables CRB Cunninghams to integrate with an extensive list of 3rd party applications.