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Primary schools across the country constantly seek ways to streamline their operations and provide the best possible experience for parents, pupils, and staff. One innovative method that primary schools utilise is meal pre-ordering.

In this blog, we’ll investigate why many schools are adopting pre-ordering systems and the benefits they bring to all stakeholders and understand how technology makes this transition smoother than ever.

Why Pre-Ordering Methods Are on the Rise

Pre-ordering technology in primary schools enables parents or guardians to plan and order their children’s meals, supplies, uniforms, and other items in advance. The increased popularity of these methods in primary schools can be linked to several reasons: to improve service delivery, reduce wastage, and cater to changing preferences, amongst a few.

Parents: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Parents are increasingly seeking convenient ways to manage their child's school-related expenses. With a comprehensive pre-ordering platform, they can do just that. iPayimpact, an online payment and pre-ordering platform trusted by over 1,000 primary schools across the UK, allows parents to pre-order school meals from the comfort of their own homes. Parents can access iPayimpact from any device, anytime, anywhere.


Using iPayimpact, parents can effortlessly pre-order meals within their account and select meal choices for each day of the week and specify any dietary requirements or allergies. Once the order is placed, the cost of the meals is automatically deducted from their account balance. This straightforward method eliminates the need for cash, simplifies the ordering process, and reduces queues in the school dining hall.

Pupils: Interactive Ordering in the Classroom

Pre-ordering in the classroom is a game-changing solution for pupils. With the guidance of their teachers, pupils can select their favourite meals for lunchtime, which is seamlessly integrated into the class register, making it a time-saving feature for teachers as well.


iPayimpact's interactive Smartboard feature is central to this experience, turning meal ordering into a fun and engaging activity for students. With iPayimpact, the classroom becomes a place where pupils can actively participate in meal planning, all while streamlining the catering and payment processes.

Setting up a pre-ordering system

Pre-ordering solutions in primary schools transform how we manage school-related tasks. They offer many benefits for parents, pupils, and school staff, making the entire experience more efficient and enjoyable for all users.

How does iPayimpact facilitate this?

By providing an easy-to-implement system with a user-friendly interface.

If you're interested in learning more about how primary schools can set up a pre-ordering system with iPayimpact, we invite you to download our clickable guide. This resource provides in-depth information on the implementation process and how iPayimpact can transform your school's operations.