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Communication is an essential factor that helps build strong relationships between parents and schools. Providing both groups with a tool for maintaining conversations plays a vital role in the success of parent-school relationships by offering a simplified space for communication.

Earlier this year, we announced our new virtual messaging tool for parent-school communication: iPayimpact Communications. Our new communication technology helps schools increase parent-school engagement by providing a user-friendly platform that keeps everything in one place.

As an increasing number of schools implement iPayimpact Communications for effective parent interactions, we’re looking into additional tips to help schools simplify school communications and how schools can utilise communication technology to increase parental engagement.



Enhancing parent involvement in student support groups

Ensuring that parents are involved with student support is hugely important for helping students to achieve academically and for their general health and wellbeing. Studies suggest that supportive parents do more than good schools to boost children's exam results, showing us that parental support is just as important as teacher support for student success.

One way that schools can help parents to support their children is by running a session on academic stress, especially at times when parents/carers will be worrying about it. Additionally, utilising technology such as iPayimpact Communications offers an efficient way for schools to initiate group conversations and offers an effective way for parents to share ideas and communicate with school staff.


Establishing an active online community

Providing parents with a virtual communication space is hugely beneficial. Increasing parental engagement aids in creating additional support for students and helps streamline the organisation of events, meetings, trips and much more. Alongside organising events such as open days, utilising technology for communication is an excellent way for parents to organise extracurricular activities and social events.

Events outside of school hours may include sporting events, school trips, community events, concerts, afterschool clubs, etc. Organising such events is easier with a well-connected network of parents whereby updates can be announced, digital consent forms can be exchanged, expenses can be covered, and times/dates can be negotiated, all at the click of a few buttons.




Encourage parents to voice their ideas

Parental voice is a hugely important aspect of ensuring that students, parents, school staff, and the wider community continually improve the school environment to be the best it can be.

Giving parents a voice enables them to openly discuss topics and questions that they feel may benefit their child’s wellbeing - such topics could relate to their values, aspirations, opinions, and beliefs. Networks of parents that regularly engage in open discussions enable schools to meet the needs of both students and parents and include parents in the decision-making of choices that may affect them.

iPayimpact’s communication tool offers a simple way for parents to voice their queries with the school. Our 2-way instant messaging service eliminates delays that come with traditional methods of communication (such as letters and emails) and allows parents to engage with the school in a way that was not previously possible.


Ensure that parents feel listened to

Another vital element to consider when improving parental engagement is ensuring that parents feel listened to. It is crucial to ensure that individual parents and parental groups feel heard and that their opinions are valued. iPayimpact Communications is an effective way of managing conversations and ensuring that nothing goes unseen.

Our communication tool keeps everything in one place, enabling parents to navigate the platform quickly and easily. Notifications let users know when a parent or school has contacted them, with important conversations flagged at the touch of a button.

Well established parental engagement ensures pupils get the best out of their daily education and extracurricular activities. iPayimpact Communications offers a simple and easy way for parents to engage on a single platform that is quick and easy to use without any added stress!




One simple solution for parents

We aim to support schools in utilising technology to create better-connected networks between parents and schools, enabling staff to effortlessly encourage open conversations with clear and concise messages sent and received in a few clicks.

iPayimpact Communications is the all-in-one solution for providing parents with an effective communication tool. Our all-encompassing platform, which seamlessly integrates with our iPayimpact online payment platform, encourages open communications between individuals and communities, allowing parents to get involved with school groups.

This functionality can help streamline and simplify processes such as organising trips, conducting surveys, creating announcements, organising parent evening schedules, etc.

iPayimpact Communications provides the perfect place for schools to communicate with parents, optimising parent-school networking experiences in instances such as:

  • One-way conversations
  • Two-way conversations
  • Messages based on funds, groups, years, and classes
  • Shared messages for a team, community, or other groups

Utilising our school communication tool can help to encourage open communication between parents and schools via our secure instant messaging service. Our new iPayimpact module enables schools to engage with parents by sending them messages, notifications, and reminders with ease  - this helps simplify parent-school engagement and ensure that our users have the tools they need in one place.




Streamlining communications methods through technology

To ensure that we can achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, we developed iPayimpact Communications with a user-friendly interface that focuses on familiarity for ease of use.

IPayimpact’s communications tool is built-in to iPayimpact online payments and focuses on maintaining a familiar, user-friendly interface for returning users. Our fully integrated tool combines functionality with a modern look, making it easy for anyone to use with ease.

To keep things simple, iPayimpact’s Communications tools are kept in one place. From the moment you log in, you can quickly and easily navigate between pages to send a new message, respond to a message, check for updates, search for contact details and much more.

You can access our communications platform on your smartphone, tablet, and desktop, meaning that you can access iPayimpact Communications either at home, at work, or on the go.

These simple communication methods, alongside many others, can help build stronger relationships between parents and schools, helping to provide pupils with the support they require to make the most of their education.


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