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This year, we want to provide our customers with everything they need to get the most out of their cashless catering software and ensure we provide the best possible service, helping us develop our product offering for the benefit of our customers.

To do this, we have started to host monthly customer webinars, following the success of our webinars launched last year.

The first webinar of the series was hosted on 23rd February by presenters Paul Tennant, our Corporate Account Manager and Stuart Brown, our Head of Sales and Marketing and, included a refresher session for customers on iPayimpact, our online payment platform. The webinar provided a demonstration of the platform, covering a range of topics, including:

  • An update on recent developments
  • Upcoming developments
  • An overview of iPayimpact
  • Efficient management of ALL school purchases
  • Reporting

Throughout the webinar, Paul showed users how to navigate the system, including functionalities such as payments for trips, parent reminders, accessing and understanding reports, processing funds, parent payments, and more.  



Q&A session

At the end of the session, we hosted a Q&A session, where users sent in their questions for Paul on iPayimpact. One of the questions included:

Can we add additional fund types for items purchased, such as revision guides and planners, or should this go under the school shop?

A: “Depending on how you want to manage that particular element, yes, you can add it as a separate fund altogether, or you can put it into the school shop. The system has particular labels, for example, trips. However, you can use that trip functionality to manage other areas or payments for the system.”

For another part of the Q&A session, Paul showed users the system to demonstrate how to control the welcome notice within iPayimpact and access and change welcome messages. Due to the different functionalities of iPayimpact, Paul also showed viewers how to access parts of the system based on accessibility, helping the audience to understand all the features of the software related to their job.

View the webinar recording.

Customer feedback

Shortly after the webinar, customers sent in their positive feedback. One School Business Manager stated that she “loved the recording”, whilst another School Business Manager expressed how “the webinar highlighted that we are not using iPayimpact to its full extent.”

How to sign-up

Customers will receive an email to sign-up for our webinars, so keep your eyes peeled! For more information, please get in touch.