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St John Fisher Catholic High School, part of Wigan Council, recently upgraded their cashless system by implementing Fusion software, Facial Recognition technology, and iDStore integration. Since upgrading, St John Fisher has noted the positive impact on their meal service experience for pupils and staff, highlighting the significant increase in speed of service.


The primary objective of the upgrade was to increase the efficiency of the school’s meal service and create a seamless payment experience. St John Fisher Catholic High School sought a comprehensive software solution to facilitate quick and secure transactions while offering innovative identification options such as Facial Recognition and iDStore integration.


Implementation Process

The implementation process encompassed essential steps to ensure a smooth transition to the upgraded system. The CRB Cunninghams team worked closely with the school to facilitate the entire process.

1. Software Upgrade
CRB Cunninghams upgraded the existing Biostore V2 system to the latest iDStore software. CRB Cunninghams’ software allows students to use fingerprint authentication or Facial Recognition.

2. Installation
To enable the upgraded system, new tills, fingerprint readers, and Facial Recognition were installed in the school’s new building. CRB Cunninghams supplies all solutions for seamless software integration.

3. Training and Support
To ensure a smooth transition, comprehensive training sessions were conducted for the school’s catering team and Wigan Council staff. The CRB Cunninghams team provided ongoing support and assistance throughout the process.

When speaking about the implementation process, Mark Farrimond, IT Manager at St John Fisher Catholic School, praised the CRB Cunninghams team, highlighting the professional service from onsite engineers and the project management team:

“I cannot thank the CRB Cunninghams team enough. From selecting the products for the school with advice from Paul Banks to the efficient rollout of the project managed by Louise Hawkes, the end-to-end service has been incredible.

I appreciate that we changed the implementation date several times along the way, but Louise always found a way to accommodate the school, which has been a godsend. I’d also like to personally thank engineers Ian and Saddam for being the feet on the ground and delivering a professional service that made a difficult task look easy.”

Additionally, Paul Banks, the Account Manager at CRB Cunninghams, shared his perspective on the successful implementation:

“Our team is delighted to have supported St John Fisher Catholic High School in upgrading the Fusion cashless system with Facial Recognition and iDStore. We were committed to delivering a seamless transition and ensuring the system’s smooth operation.”

“The seamless integration of Fusion, Facial Recognition, and iDStore has transformed the meal service experience, enabling quick and secure transactions and streamlining the overall process.

Pupils benefit from reduced waiting times, allowing them to enjoy their meals more efficiently, while staff members find it easier to manage transactions and cater to student needs. Thank you to the CRBC team - you have a very happy customer.”

- Mark Farrimond, IT Manager at St John Fisher Catholic School


The upgraded Fusion cashless system yielded remarkable outcomes, dramatically increasing the speed of service and enhancing the meal service experience for pupils and staff alike.

1. Improved Efficiency
The new system has significantly accelerated the school’s dining service, allowing the staff to serve students more efficiently. The streamlined payment processing has reduced waiting times and enhanced overall operational efficiency.

2. Easy Operation
The upgraded software and hardware have made navigating and managing transactions easier for the school’s dining staff. The intuitive interface and enhanced functionalities have simplified their tasks, resulting in a more seamless dining experience.

3. Positive Feedback
Mark Farrimond, the IT Manager, acknowledged, “The system has sped up the dinner service and made it easy for the dinner staff to serve the students.”



The collaboration between St John Fisher Catholic High School, Wigan Council, and the CRB Cunninghams team exemplifies a smooth cashless implementation that has positively impacted their school meal service - increasing service speed and elevating the overall meal service experience for pupils and staff.

The positive feedback from Mark Farrimond and Paul Banks showcases the impact of Fusion, Facial Recognition, and iDStore integration on streamlining operations. Mark Farrimond praised the CRB Cunninghams team for their professionalism, flexibility, and support throughout the upgrade process. He was especially pleased with the team’s ability to accommodate the school’s changing requirements and commended their contribution to making a challenging task appear effortless.