CRB Cunninghams and Yorkshire based visitor management company - InVentry, have recently been collaborating with several schools to provide an integrated education visitor management solution.

InVentry visitor management solutions is a SIMS compatible site access and safeguarding management solution that was created specifically for, and in collaboration with, educational clients. Combine that with the CRB Cunninghams education solution and you have a complete visitor management package, keeping track of your visitors without enrolling them into the Identity Management database.

InVentry Sales Manager, Alain Squitieri, states that "despite only being in the early stages of our partnership, it has been fantastic working with CRB Cunninghams. The company shares the same ethos for the highest standards of customer service, as we do here at InVentry. This has been demonstrated by many existing CRB Cunninghams customers deciding to take up the InVentry solution so quickly after the partnership commenced."

So far five schools within Wolverhampton and Peterborough have implemented the CRB Cunninghams and InVentry visitor management solution, with more in the preliminary stages.

Alain continues "Here at InVentry, we are excited to develop the partnership further, and are looking forward to continuing a close working relationship in the future."

Alan Vigers, CRB Cunninghams Sales Manager, commented on the newly formed partnership, "It is great to be in partnership with such a well-polished company such as InVentry, they not only provide a world-class solution, but they make sure that the customers' needs are also met. We look forward to what the future holds for this new partnership."