The past 18 months have been difficult for educators and students alike: students worked from home, and parents/guardians became supervisors for the education of their dependents.

Online news site TechRound, which covers news and developments in UK tech businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs, wanted to showcase EdTech Companies that helped facilitate learning through such uncertain times and listed CRB Cunninghams in their Top 30 list.


Top 30 EdTech Companies

CRB Cunninghams appeared alongside several EdTech Companies such as Memrise, Kahoot! and Mimo.

A panel of judges evaluated each submission and decided upon their Top 30 EdTech Companies for 2021. The judges were: Manjit Sareen, Founder of Natterhub, and Rachel Vecht, founder of Educating Matters.

Becca Donaldson, Reporter at TechRound, commented:

"It's been amazing to be able to showcase such incredible EdTech Companies in our list - each and everyone has helped to make the world of education a little easier to manage throughout the pandemic and beyond.

These companies have been instrumental in minimising the damage caused by COVID-19 to the education of the next generation, and some fantastic companies appeared on our list."

Commenting Specifically on CRB Cunninghams, Becca said:

"We were delighted to include CRB Cunninghams in TechRound's Top 30 EdTech Companies of 2021! CRB Cunninghams' mission to help schools become cashless, coupled with being the first UK-based education solutions provider to bring facial recognition software to school mealtimes, made them a perfect fit to be included in TechRound's Top 30 EdTech Companies list.

Congratulations to CRB Cunninghams' MD David Swanston and all the team at CRB Cunninghams!"

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