As we conclude another busy September and a new year of students settling in, the back-to-school period highlighted a vital issue for education software affecting schools across the country.

September has been the busiest month for many, as software that remained dormant over the summer revived back into action in recent weeks. Restarting school software was a smooth process for the majority, and they were up and running in no time, whilst some schools experienced the perils attached with the new term.

Third-Party Ping Pong

The wide variety of calls made to CRB Cunninghams over the new term was due to third party integrations. Whether due to payment providers or identity management software, customers experienced the typical delays seen surrounding integrations.

As the involved software providers cannot investigate the back-end of each system, there is a time attached to the investigation required. Imagine waiting in queue to speak to an advisor, only to be told that the problem is with the third-party software and cannot be resolved on our end. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality that many CRB Cunninghams customers faced last month.

Potential Solutions

Fortunately, there are solutions available to prevent this from happening again, so if you were one of the affected schools or want to stay safe - follow these quick tips. Firstly, ensure that you complete any summer checklists, making it easier to restart your software.

Many software providers (CRB Cunninghams included) guide testing before the new term begins. Planning to start fresh in advance of September gives customers direct access to customer services in the quieter months of the summer holidays.


Another solution exclusive to CRB Cunninghams is choosing one trusted provider to manage your educational software. Using one provider allows schools to have a single point of contact should they need additional support.

An example of this in schools is the link between cashless catering and online payments. Whilst there are competitors in the online payment market, many schools find their software has difficulty connecting with existing platforms: causing an interruption in service.

Schools looking to bring all their education software under one roof, get in touch. Many schools could save up to 25% on their costly maintenance fees. Many schools could save up to 25% on their expensive maintenance fees.

Call 0333 014 3065 or email to book a free demonstration. CRB Cunninghams are leading cashless catering, identity management and online payment solution providers, with over 40 years of experience. We supply over 3,000 schools across the UK with educational software.