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The next generation of Net2 Entry panels will be available from the 1st of September 2015. Offering enhanced door entry functionality, the Net2 Entry Panels ensure complete, versatile security.

The panels have a new design and are available as standard, grey panels or vandal-resistant, stainless steel panels. The panels are available in various mounts (flush mount, surface mount & rain hood variants).

The Net2 Entry works as a standalone or with Net2 Access Control. The solution can be scaled and expanded up to a hundred panels and a thousand monitors.

A real benefit to those who utilise MIFARE cards is that the new Net2 Entry will work with existing MIFARE cards, meaning users do not need to replace or update cards already in use.

The panels have a pan/tilt functionality to increase security by capturing an angled view. Also, a Grouping function enables sites, buildings, and floor levels to be partitioned which is helpful for a range of multi-tenanted facilities and gated communities.

Net2 Entry Panels are easy to install with auto-detect technology and only three components that plug together. Features also include easy plug & play expansion for large systems. Inbuilt Net2 access control offers a complete solution, an intruder alarm, and secondary camera integration provides ultimate convenience and a full-colour video camera with low light sensitivity for day/night use.