MIFARE Classic EV1



NXP have released the next generation of MIFARE cards, the MIFARE Classic EV1

At the beginning of 2015, NXP introduced the latest addition to the MIFARE Classic range, the MIFARE Classic EV1 – which is a replacement for the MIFARE Classic.

The MIFARE Classic family is the most widely used contactless smart card ICs, commonly used within transport and access management environments.

Key Features & Benefits of MIFARE Classic EV1

Fully ISO/IEC 14443 Type A 1-3 compliant

Available with ISO/IEC 14443-3 7-byte unique identifier

7-byte UID or 4-byte NUID

1- or 4-kByte EEPROM

Simple fix memory structure

Memory access conditions freely programmable

2 x 48 bit keys per sector for key hierarchy

Personalization options (7B UID version only), supporting flexibility within 4-byte- and 7-byte infrastructure, e.g. ISO shortcut, UID mapping and random ID

NXP originality signature to prove MIFARE Classic genuineness

All other features remain the same as the previous generation of MIFARE Classic IC's.

What does this mean for you?

With the introduction of new technology, there are often times that it will affect other parts of your business. Fortunately, the MIFARE Classic EV1 will cause you no interruptions to your current operations, and will work flawlessly with your current Classic system. So no cross compatibility issues.


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