CRB Cunninghams proudly sponsor the Inch by Inch for Scotland campaign, which has won the Best Marketing Campaign Award at the Cost Sector Catering Awards in London. Promoting healthy living and exercise, we share the common principle of empowering people to live healthier lifestyles and improve eating habits.

Inch by inch

An initiative created by Assist FM, Inch by Inch Scotland, aims to tackle obesity in Scotland, one small step at a time. Inspiring people to cook simple, quick meals and increase exercise, the campaign is committed to promoting the benefits of healthy living, especially for the next generation. Proud supporters since 2017, we're pleased to collaboratively support the Inch by Inch campaign alongside Muller and Assist FM.Inch

Nationwide coverage

CRB Cunninghams have full nationwide coverage with over 30 engineers spread across the country and eight dedicated regional account managers. Supporting over 3000 schools across the UK, we care about the environment, communities and industries we work within.

A shared vision

We care about the children of tomorrow. CRB Cunningham's cashless catering software empowers schools to improve their pupil's eating habits and highlight areas for change. By partnering with charities and organisations like Inch by Inch, who share the same ethos, we hope to develop our culture further.

Find out more

To find out how you can get involved and support the initiative, visit the Inch by Inch website. If you are looking for cashless catering solutions to increase your school's efficiency and information - contact us on 0333 014 3065.