Rosebank Primary Case Study



Want to save money?  Want to streamline your lunch service?

Achieve both of the above with the Impact classroom pre-ordering solution.  Here's what one school has to say...

Rosebank Primary School in Nairn, much like many schools across the UK, used a manual, paper-based pre-ordering system for collecting meal choices and then entering this information into computers or hand-held devices. This method is particularly time consuming, both for collecting meal orders and the subsequent administration and reconciliation of student meal accounts each day.

Rosebank Primary decided to make some changes and have successfully transitioned over to a wireless classroom based pre-ordering solution via CRB Cunninghams' Impact Cashless Catering system. The pre-ordering solution links seamlessly with the schools interactive whiteboards.   The installation process was quick, simple and straightforward enabling children to make their meal choices first thing in the morning as part of the registration process.

The pre-ordering solution simplifies daily pre-ordering of meals via existing classroom interactive whiteboards or other touchscreen devices. Students are presented with their name and/or photo. They select their account and then choose their meal for the day.

Discreet management of Free School Meals, including UIFSM ensures complete anonymity during the ordering process and can help to increase uptake of meals.

Food wastage is also greatly reduced thanks to Impact, as catering staff can now cook food to order, therefore cutting overall costs and saving money.

At Rosebank Primary, the whole manual process of collecting and processing orders, taking at least an hour per day, was replaced by a completely integrated meal ordering system which streamlined the whole process and provided efficiency savings along with a reduction in food wastage.

After having the Impact whiteboard pre-ordering solution installed and experiencing the improvements that it made to the school day, Linda the Cook-in-charge stated "it's a wonderful system. The previous paper system had a member of catering staff visiting 13 classrooms collecting numbers, then she would have to input the information into each pupils account. This would take up to an hour each day. The wireless smartboard system now records that information straight into the pupils account, which frees up my staff and makes life easier".

The Impact pre-ordering solution is so easy to use and ensures that each child can choose exactly what they want to eat each day and staff can make better use of the time and money saved. When asked about the solution, a P1 teacher said "the Impact whiteboard system is far easier than the paper-based system, the children choose their meals and there is no adding up numbers for me, which saves time. The P1's understood the process very easily and picked it up straight away".


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