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East Renfrewshire Council primary schools embrace classroom pre-ordering via interactive whiteboards using the Impact cashless catering solution. Since the introduction of whiteboard pre-ordering in the schools, where students can quickly and easily order their lunch in advance on an interactive whiteboard in the mornings, staff have noticed a reduction in food waste and quicker, more efficient service at lunchtime.

Coupled with their restaurant service, the school provides cutlery, condiments, water, and sides in the dining hall; the children can be seated and their chosen hot meal delivered to the table. The organisation and fluidity of mealtimes have improved ten-fold.

Headteachers, teaching staff, school administration, catering staff and students all enjoy the benefits of daily classroom pre-ordering software.

Pupils get their chosen meal; food ordering takes place within 5 minutes per class. There has been a noticeable reduction in food waste, lunchtimes are quicker, less stressful and more efficient, and there has been an increase in the uptake of school meals.