IMPACT Engineering Request



Its that time of year again where everyone looks forward to the summer holidays a well earned rest!


Here are the top tips to ensuring your system is ready for the new term before the pupils return:


â-¾Log any repair calls needed

â-¾Ensure the impact PC is left on

â-¾Test the system

â-¾Check your year end has been completed

â-¾Make sure the new intake has been uploaded



â-¾Turn the PC off

â-¾Leave testing to the first day back

â-¾Assume the year end has been completed

â-¾Delay sending the new intake information


When the time comes to return to work, however, we would gratefully request that every IMPACT user tests their system before the pupils return to school.

We are always looking to improve our services and we want to ensure that everyone is confident that the impact system is ready for the new term.

If there are any issues whilst testing- our support team are on hand to help!

Have a great holiday everyone!


The IMPACT engineering team


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