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This month CRB Cunninghams proudly announced the initial release of our Identity Management platform, iDStore. iDStore sits at the heart of our solutions and is a multi-function platform that is easy to use and is proving to be a huge success in the schools who have already installed it.

We have received rave reviews from new iDStore clients, whilst our existing customers, who have upgraded from older third party solutions, have been praising the powerful system they now have at their fingertips.

To date, over 40 schools have already taken on iDStore in regions all over the UK. Amongst those was Andrew Freeman, the director of IT services at St Bede's Catholic school in Durham, stating; "Through the use of iDStore software and its predecessor Impact, we have been able to manage the transition from cash to cashless seamlessly including the incorporation of an online payment system for parents, allowing them to top up and view spend online 24/7. The need to ensure that 1,500 students collect, pay and eat food within a 60 minute lunch service is crucial and is realised via our cashless system. I can wholeheartedly recommend CRB Cunninghams solutions as your cashless catering provider."

Pleased with the response to iDStore from our customers, we are excited to continue forward with the use of this software, with many more customers planning to change to our latest innovation ??" iDStore.



“The installation went very smoothly - we would say largely due to do with the attitude of the engineers onsite. Both were very pleasant, flexible, helpful, willing and worked efficiently. The enrolment was quick and organised. The school had provided us with a timetable which was very helpful. 33 Opt Out slips were returned from 834 that were sent out. The pupils adapted to the new system without any issues. The uptake of meals appears to have increased slightly.” ??" Susan Mein, Highlands School


“I just wanted to say a big Thank You to you and your colleagues for a smooth conversion to iDStore.

As you know the process began early December, when David Simmonds and another CRB Cunninghams person came to our premises to re-scan our students and staff. I helped and we managed to capture about 1100 out of our 1300 in a few short hours - those we missed were either absent or could not attend.

As an Academy, our main problem was to cause as little disruption to the timetable as possible, and this was achieved successfully.

Had we known how fast it was to register and scan - we would not have left as much time for each year group!

We then went 'live' in January - again with the help of Martin Bell, and David Simmonds everything went smoothly.

From an operating perspective,  the till screen looks exactly the same, however iDStore is much more user friendly than our previous ID management platform.  There are fewer unnecessary areas to skip through when adding a person.

CRB Cunninghams have obviously taken note of their clients requirements when developing this system.

I would also add that the support and customer service I receive from CRB Cunninghams is superb.

I would not hesitate in recommending this system” ??" Brenda E Baines, Catering Manager, Hummersknott Academy Trust


“We are pleased with the way it was installed and all went smoothly. The enrolment of students went well to and we are able to keep on top of new starters knowing that we are able to do it at the tills anytime of the day. Overall, I feel the system runs really well.” ??" Joyce Ballantine, East Ayrshire


“The changeover to iDStore has been relatively painless. A full data cleansing and matching exercise was carried out by CRB Cunninghams staff from data pulled from our MIS system. Catering staff obviously do not notice the backend software but they have commented on the increase in speed of getting students through the system although we did also move our Cashless server to a virtualised machine and upgrade our tills at the same time so this will also have an effect on the speed.

Good support from CRB Cunninghams staff in the initial design and implementation stages, having a named point of contact was very useful

Resolved any issues that we had either on site or via telephone support

System is a lot more user friendly and I have been able to generate reports showing FSM / Non-biometric details stored etc.

Link with SIMS has saved on administration time

Biometric enrolment was significantly quicker and appears to be more accurate then the initial installation of the old system 5 years ago, through the use of one CRB Cunninghams member of staff and one from school we were able to get through nearly 1,800 users in 3 days.

As a customer of CRB Cunninghams for over 5 years, we have found the product and support second to none, any such issues we have had have either been resolved remotely or if hardware related by a site visit by an engineer. Generally an engineer is on site next day, if not the same day depending on the time of day the initial call is logged.

Through the use of the iDStore software and it’s predecessor Impact, we have been able to manage the transition from Cash to Cashless seamlessly including the incorporation of an online payment system for parents allowing them to top-up and view spend online 24/7. The need to ensure that 1,500 students collect, pay and eat food within a 60 minute lunch service is crucial is realised via our Cashless System.

I can wholeheartedly recommend CRB Cunninghams, as your Cashless Catering provider.” ??" Andrew Freeman, Director of IT Services, St. Bede’s Catholic School & Sixth Form College


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